Ravintola NELES

Vanha Porvoontie 229, Vantaa

Lunch list 23

Monday 1.6.

Mince meat rolls (L,H)

Soup: Vegetable puree- mifu  soup (L,G,H)

Vege: Vegetable rolls (L,G,H)

Dessert: Donuts  and coffee or fruit

Tuesday 2.6.

Fish meuniere 

Soup: Chicken-coconut soup   (M,G, H)

Vege: Tomato-halloum casserole  (L,G,H)

Dessert: Apricot kissel (M,G,H,V) or coffee  or fruit

Wednesday 3.6.

Ham and potatoes casserole  (L,G,H)

Soup:  Tomato fish  soup  (M,G,H)

Vege: Vegetable casserole (L,G,H)

Dessert: Berries curd (L,G,H)  or fruit or coffee

Thursday 4.6.

Sausage and potatoes pot (L,H)

Soup: Pea soup (M,G,H)

Vege:Vegetable pot (M,G,H,V)

Dessert: Pancake (L,H PYYDÄ G) and jam or coffee or fruit

Friday 5.6.

Butter chicken (L,G,H)

Soup: Tomato-goat cheese soup (L,G,H)

Vege: Lens-vegetable curry  (L,G,H,V)

Dessert:  Swiss roll and coffee or fruit